Letter to the Yoga Alliance

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To whom it may concern,

We would like you to explain where meditation, chanting and enhancing psychic powers come into play with your idea of “fitness”.
There is a gigantic tear in the big picture of this god-given, body-mind integrating and life-enhancing age old practice that you and your affiliates have inflicted upon the face of humanity in this currently very influential hemisphere of earth, and it is doing exactly the opposite that yoga was intended to do.

We demand that you relinquish the title of “yoga” from your agenda of capitol, control and regulation.  It is understood that most of this “yoga alliance” scam began out of fear.  Fear is the last thing that you want to be connected to yoga. We understand that America is overrun with extortionist lawyers, hysterical, often fraudulent defendants and corrupt judicial activities.   Now YOU must understand that what you are doing is seeding an inner turmoil that is growing day by day, and there will be dire consequences in the future if deep moral and spiritual examination is not taken into account.

For your own good, we recommend that you read the following website’s texts and reflect on the corruption you have chosen to align yourself with.
And, if you already know what we are showing you, may God have mercy on your fragile consciousness when you leave your body behind.




Swami Zanna Banana,
Director of the LAYFF


Today’s Message to Judaism-centric Halocaust Museums, Worldwide

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I must pose these questions due to the absurdity of it all, and the fact that I rarely, unless never hear people speak of the following facts.

Why is it that every “Holocaust Museum” ever erected is disproportionately Judaism-centric? Why don’t we at least keep as a side note that gays, gypsies, intellectuals and other people who didn’t fit the genetic description of ideal were also exterminated along side us? The Holocaust museums that are everywhere have done more damage than good by helping us to feed our (Jewish)selves heaping spoon-fulls of pity. Israeli streets are full of pleas for “Tzaka”, when every one else on the planet simply begs for spare change, we hide behind an illusion of virtue. It is tragically sad that we can be so narcissistic and exploitative of tragedies in the name of making gains, while at the same time claiming to be free of pride. Lies, lies, lies. Please stop this spiritual mass-suicide. We could have lifted the rest of the world up with us to be by our sides as human equals, but instead we cling desperately to a perverted geneticist idealism, holding material wealth above that which is holy! Blasphemers! Mammonites!

…I know I got a little carried away here but, oh the absurdity of it!!

Behind The Big News: Propaganda & The CFR

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This gives you some insight onto exactly why it is that you feel that you can not trust the media.
Not to be missed, unless you enjoy being fooled on a daily basis.

FOX Media Business Does Not Support Public Concerns

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Dear Citizens of Earth,

I am under the impression that FOX news (we’ll address one media group at a time) is DISTORTING EVERYTHING, so the fact that you have been so readily affected by their messages is troubling to me.

The Fairness Doctrine appears to be very much in want of being applied to media operations- DESPITE the “unconstitutionality” of it!  Hell, face it folks. We’ve already lost our “way” here.  The deviant practices that have been so sloppily hidden by our congressmen, CEOs and otherwise “leaders” have shown just how far from the constitutional path we have wandered, with pyramids in our eyes and eyes in our pyramids.  It is a fact that the entities we call mainstream media are operating as none other than the voice of government agenda and corporate greed, hand in hand.  The talking heads we are now witnessing on mainstream television are clearly affected by the scourge of corporate threat, if not bribery as well (drinkin’ that Kool-aid, partaking in the greed corruption!), so that they often dare not relay actually “fair and balanced” stories.

In the following news clip, the sly and tricky FOX is reacting with a counter-attack of twisted lies to make it appear that not even so much the Fairness doctrine, but the idea of actual fairness will give the media a damning form of “control” (I cringe to say, can it really get any worse?).  The kind of control of which FOX is speaking is unclear to me, since I have never heard FOX utter a word of unabashed truth.  Namely in favor of average consumers or progressive action to bring about “new ways”.  Ultimatly, if MEDIA stopped being SO worried about the MONEY they make, they’d be MORAL and telling the truth, instead of just twistin’ it to make a buck or prevent legal attacks.  Such media groups should stop being so cowardly and just stand up for the truth, because then the truth would be shown to prevail over corruption, once evidence of foul play is exposed.

They delight in touting such supposed threats to their freedom to distort as “far-left”.   Be aware that this is a tactic of subversion that has been commonly practiced throughout the history of man.  Yes, it’s a form of propagandizing, or “mudslinging” as we have come to understand it.  Also, reflected on a more human scale, it is a psychological mechanism known as “projection”.  Yes, FOX is the true far left “notjobs” (yes, I used a word from Bill O’Riely’s dusty vernacular recycle bin).
My impression of the Fairness doctrine is that it would give honest media protection from, if not complete immunity to lawsuits. It makes sense to me that our now Democratic government might see this as a necessary step for the progress of the people.  Dishonest corporations and government corruption should never have an advantage above the Truth.

That is my understanding of the Fairness doctrine (as mislead is it may be):  Giving back actual freedom to the mainstream press so that honest stories are no longer a cause for a “libel-like” lawsuit.  A lawsuit which is really not protecting the innocence of a group or entity but is imposed only out of concern for the loss of executive capitol.  A lawsuit to cover up the dastardly deeds of a large, powerful money-grubbing business.  In theory, it appears that the Fairness doctrine should take the pressure off of media officials so that they no longer feel threatened if they choose to relay them.  Perhaps FOX is afraid of losing its speculated corporate “pay-offs”?

Let us remember (and never forget) what kind of manipulative, brain-damaging neuro-linguistic programing “control” FOX now has over the public opinion:

Article one, FOX’s reaction to the Fairness doctrine (looks like the bloodhounds are on their pungent trail!):

If FOX’s sly distortion has just affected your sensibilities through their melodrama, I give you some more virulent mind-poisoning evidence of their obscenity:

A sensationalist FOX story on “killer marijuana” merrily exposed by a youtuber:

and finally…just when you thought the lies circulated by the current mainstream couldn’t get any worse..

This tear-jerker of a story touches on the maddening struggle of a few news reporters who had been threatened by Monsanto with a law suit if they don’t edit a story (ended up being 80-some odd times of re-writing) on the cancer-inducing milk that Monsanto is still producing today. Their resistance to FOX’s cowardly kow-towing to corporate poisoners Monsanto resulted in the honest reporters termination, due to their resistance to follow their fiat to lie to the public:

With this, my friend, if you want to fight for truth and freedom, I am asking you to take the time to cross-reference everything under the sun until there is not even one percent of doubt in your mind.  If you must fight, fight against anger, fear and paranoia- and know who and what is really on your side.  After all, is it not knowledge that is truly the ultimate of weapons?

 E = mc^2 \,