Today’s Message to Judaism-centric Halocaust Museums, Worldwide

I must pose these questions due to the absurdity of it all, and the fact that I rarely, unless never hear people speak of the following facts.

Why is it that every “Holocaust Museum” ever erected is disproportionately Judaism-centric? Why don’t we at least keep as a side note that gays, gypsies, intellectuals and other people who didn’t fit the genetic description of ideal were also exterminated along side us? The Holocaust museums that are everywhere have done more damage than good by helping us to feed our (Jewish)selves heaping spoon-fulls of pity. Israeli streets are full of pleas for “Tzaka”, when every one else on the planet simply begs for spare change, we hide behind an illusion of virtue. It is tragically sad that we can be so narcissistic and exploitative of tragedies in the name of making gains, while at the same time claiming to be free of pride. Lies, lies, lies. Please stop this spiritual mass-suicide. We could have lifted the rest of the world up with us to be by our sides as human equals, but instead we cling desperately to a perverted geneticist idealism, holding material wealth above that which is holy! Blasphemers! Mammonites!

…I know I got a little carried away here but, oh the absurdity of it!!


~ by gethefacts on April 30, 2009.

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