Letter to the Yoga Alliance

To whom it may concern,

We would like you to explain where meditation, chanting and enhancing psychic powers come into play with your idea of “fitness”.
There is a gigantic tear in the big picture of this god-given, body-mind integrating and life-enhancing age old practice that you and your affiliates have inflicted upon the face of humanity in this currently very influential hemisphere of earth, and it is doing exactly the opposite that yoga was intended to do.

We demand that you relinquish the title of “yoga” from your agenda of capitol, control and regulation.  It is understood that most of this “yoga alliance” scam began out of fear.  Fear is the last thing that you want to be connected to yoga. We understand that America is overrun with extortionist lawyers, hysterical, often fraudulent defendants and corrupt judicial activities.   Now YOU must understand that what you are doing is seeding an inner turmoil that is growing day by day, and there will be dire consequences in the future if deep moral and spiritual examination is not taken into account.

For your own good, we recommend that you read the following website’s texts and reflect on the corruption you have chosen to align yourself with.
And, if you already know what we are showing you, may God have mercy on your fragile consciousness when you leave your body behind.




Swami Zanna Banana,
Director of the LAYFF


~ by gethefacts on August 6, 2009.

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