Taking Info @ Face Value = Total Ruin

Beware of the media and their sensationalist hype. If the media can manipulate your emotions, it can control the world. The term “media” addresses primarily the “news reporting” business, but does also stem into entertainment. If you observe FOX news, for example. They are an easy target of corrupt media businesses that call themselves “news” and in turn, you are their sitting duck. Often the creators of FOX news manipulate the truth or even completely fabricate lies in order to paint what ever kind of picture they wish. This is all in order to make you tremble with either fear or rage! Why? Well, possibly FOX are the most dangerous terrorist organization ever to grace the airwaves under the guise of providing a “public service” and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Other news companies are also jumping in on the “wag the dog” game. BBC & CNN have been discovered to have fabricated news stories to the extent of burning a building to look like there was a bombing attack and live people laying on the ground to appear like corpses. Research & Read on…


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